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2015 - 2023

During my time at Playscape, both as a freelancer and a full-time employee, I've had to pleasure to take part in so many creative, innovative and fun projects, with amazingly talented people.

My roles varied depends on the project and its capacity. I got to manage some projects as well. We were creating systems, web apps and mobile apps, done some cool branding projects, games and more. We took part of the entire process, both strategy and visuals. Here are some of the companies I've had the pleasure partnering with:

While having different projects, the main purpose and values remained the same, We always asked ourselves the same question:

Psst..I'm draggable!

How might we create playful, creative & smart solutions, to create a seamless employee experience, as well as the end-user’s one?

Most of the work was eternal, so unfortunately I cannot include it here, but I snack in some shots and clues, would be happy to elaborate more in-person :)

Interactive, educational games instead of a regular, dull onboarding

Easy and useable process to get to know your motivation.

Get to know your surroundings in this fun, interactive AR game!

Summer camp for the employees' kids

Employees personal and cutomised skills enhancer

Learning journey app