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Naming | Strategy | Design system | Brand Identity





Collab with Shir Moallem

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October 7th marked a day of immense sadness and tragedy, changing lives forever. Amid the pain and concern for the hostages, 'The French Foundation of Modiin' has become a beacon of hope, providing support to people, families, and businesses impacted by the war.

We collaborated to pinpoint core values and develop a strategy, tone of voice, naming, and brand identity to establish a sub-fund. This sub-fund is committed to supporting the long journey of healing for people, children, and businesses affected by the events of October 7th, guiding them every step of the way.

Makom Otef aims to provide solace, aid, and a path to healing in (currently) three crucial areas:

Making major efforts to connect orphaned children with families from the diaspora, ensuring they receive the care and support they require during this difficult time and in the next years.

Facilitating comprehensive rehabilitation by establishing a dedicated physical, nurturing space that provides mental and physical treatments.

Providing guidance and assistance to small and medium-sized businesses, offering strategic advice, financial support through loans, and more.

We came up with the name Makom Otef, which conveys the harmony and warmth of the home they want to create. The name also honors the South, which suffered the most in the tragic massacre. It needed to be scalable as well, since the fund plans to expand and offer support in more areas as time goes on.

We teamed up with Josh and Yoram to fine-tune the process to fit their needs (since they'll be leading the fundraising efforts). Together, we brainstormed two approaches: one that's warm and caring, and another that's all about the strength and resilience of the Israeli people.

For the logo, we wanted to capture the warm, embracing atmosphere that Makom Otef strives to create, as well as the gentle but determined movement forward, toward a brighter future.